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Choose your package pricing plan

  • Shorin Ryu Karate Private Lessons

    Perfect for entry level practitioners or no experience
    • (5) 30 min. on-line lessons with Hanshi Poitras.
    • Un-interrupted personal attention to your training needs.
    • Personalized instruction to accelerate your learning
    • Immediate feedback on your progress and meaningful critique
  • Ryukyu Kobudo (Weapons Training)

    Mid level practitioners with experience without a blackbelt
    • (5) 30 min Lessons with Kyoshi Poitras, Master Instructor
    • Private one on one training with Kyoshi Gregory Poitras
    • Streamlined and focused training based on your experience
    • Personalized instruction to accelerate your development
    • Real time feedback and critique to meet your personal goals.
    • Schedule at your convenience in your home
  • Best Value

    Okinawan White Crane (Hakutsuru Karate)

    From Blackbelt to Mastery of the Art
    • (5) 30 min. on-line lessons directly with Hanshi Poitras
    • Receive personalized instruction from Hanshi Poitras
    • Learn the nuances of structure and power
    • Learn the principles that dictate function and action
    • Learn the methods of automatic response to methods of attack
    • Learn the concepts that generate endless technique
    • Learn the methods of grappling hand (tuite) in Kata
    • Learn the target patterns of kata and their applications
    • Acquire confidence in your ability to use what you know.
    • Learn a self defense you can bet your life on.
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