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 Okinawan White Crane Karate

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Okinawan Hakutsuru Karate 
Okinawan White Crane Karate is a martial art that is derived from the influences of the Crane style (Ban He quan fa of Southern China). Originating from the White Crane Chuan fa of Yong Chun, China and the five animals style Gong Fu of the Fukein Chinese Province, their influence in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan are related to the Ancestral Crane, Shouting Crane and Shaking (trembling) Crane styles. A Chinese Tea Merchant named "Gokenki" was instrumental in exchanging his style of "Golden Rooster" Kung Fu which was infused with the native fighting arts of the Okinawan village martial art masters. These forms have been a closely guarded family secret of the Matsumura, Kojo and Kinjo family styles and not normally shared with outsiders. The "Family Fist" forms are highly coveted for their quick, effortless, and deceptive movements.
White Crane Kata
Mountain Family Fist Kata
Oh So Hakutsuru So (Mountain Family Crane Fist 2nd )
Oh So Hakutsuru Ton (Mountain Family Crane Fist 1st)
Oh So Hakutsuru San He (Mountain Family Crane Fist 3rd)
Gokenki White Crane Kata
Ryuto Chiken ( "Dragon Internal Energy Fist") 
Rokkishu (Six Winds hand)
Okaku (Master's Crane)
Hakucho (White Swan)
Paipo (Crane Step)
Kojo Ryu White Crane Kata
Nepai (Emperor's Fist)
Nipaipo (Monk' s fist -28 Steps)
Gohoken (Five Cranes Fist)
Kohokaku (Ancient Crane Method)
Hakutsuru Ken (White Crane Fist)
Matsumura Family White Crane Kata
Tsuru Sanchin (Matsumura Crane Three Battles)
Ryuken Sanchin (Family's Fist Three Battles)
Ryu Sho Ken (Family's First Fist)
Goten Te ( Palace Hand)
Matsumura Hakutsuru Mei ( White Crane of Matsumura's Wife)
Matsumura Hakutsuru So (White Crane Second)
Matsumura Hakutsuru Ton (White Crane First)
Matsumura Hakutsuru Chu (White Crane of Matsumura Middle)
Matsumura no Hakutsuru Dai (White Crane of Matsumura Greater)
Kin Ken (Golden Fist)  Daniel Pai Plum Kung Fu

Matsusoden Kobukan is an affiliated member with the Kobukan Karate Federation   

under Hanshi Larry Vellucci.

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