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   Matsusoden Kobukan provides private, individual or group lessons, on-line in the convenience and privacy of your home.   All training is based on the  individual's  experience and tailored to  your  pace and  comfortability.  True to the old ways, this is  how martial arts were instructed to a student,  one on  one  tutelage in the secrecy and privacy of the master's home.

Individual or group (family and friends) can be realized in the safety and privacy  of the home at your pace as often as you choose.

Lessons may be purchased as a single lesson, or the package lessons that offer a discount. Schedule the lessons on your time and convenience.  Just schedule an available time and your all set to take the journey of 1000 miles.  If for any reason there is a conflict and you need to reschedule, no problem.  Lessons are flexible to fit your lifestyle.

Matsusoden Kobukan offers key instruction in the following Okinawan martial arts, to include its  culture, origins and the true nature of art of ancient warriors (kobujutsu).  



Shorin-Ryu Karate:  We study the original Matsumura Seito (Orthodox) system. The art had its roots in China and was combined with Okinawan Te (hand) fighting to become Shorin-Ryu.  Bushi Matsumura, the royal bodyguard of the Okinawan king, perfected this art and handed it down through direct family lineage. Our dojo teaches the original katas that were developed by Sokon (Bushi) Matsumura.  These kata stress the actual combat applications, concepts and principles of the art, including nerve strikes, grappling, body alignment and pressure point techniques.


Matsubayashi Ryu: We study the original Matsubayshi Ryu (Shorin Ryu System) of Shohin Nagamine. This style of Okinawan Karate is derived mainly from the Tomari village influences of Kosaku Matsumora,  Choki Motobu, and Chotoku Kyan.  The katas in this style are very old and with natural movement. Integrated into the system is the Yamane Ryu Kobudo weapons.

Hakutsuru (White Crane):  Okinawan White Crane is a rare system of self-defense which combines foot, hand, and seizing/controlling techniques. The style is renowned for its rapid hand strikes executed in conjunction with devastatingly effective pressure point attacks. The art consists of many advanced forms and energy development techniques. Hakutsuru is also extremely effective for reality fighting in the modern world.

Ryukyu Kobujutsu (Ancient Weapons of Okinawa): Ryukyu Kobujutsu is the art of the Bo (staff), Sai, Tonfa, Eku, Nunti, Kama, Tanbo and Nunchaku . The weapons date back to the 14th century on Okinawa. The use of the weapons predates Okinawan Te or hand by three centuries.  The three styles of weapons in the Matsumura (Soken) kobujutsu are Yamane Ryu, Kochinda Ryu and Uhugushuku Ryu kobudo.

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