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Ryukyu Kobudo

Kobujutsu is the ancient art of weapons used for defense of oneself or family. Originated on the Ryukyu Islands of Japan using common farming implements of everyday life in ancient times. Mainly wooden derived weapons are used but there are metal weapons that were used by the Bushi (warrior) class and law enforcement of the times. Kobudo is practiced as a dedicated art form in some schools, however it is an integral part of karate and its practice as the movements of one compliment the other. The two primary styles of bojutsu are the Yamanni Ryu (Aristocratic), Matsumura   and Matayoshi (Farmer) styles. 

Matsusoden Kobukan Kobujutsu is based in Yamanni, Kochinda and Matsumura Ryu stlye concepts and principles of wielding and employing these ancient martial  art forms of self defense.

Ryukyu Kobujutsu is comprised of a collection of various weapons from indigenous and foreign influences made from metal and wood. Each weapon individually is its own art. The weapons forms taught by Matsusoden include:


Rokushaku Bo (6 foot staff)

Tonfa (Wooden Handle)

Nunchaku (Collapsible Staff)

Sai (Three Prong Truncheon)

Eku (Boat Oar)

Nunti Bo (Bo with Affixed Manji Sai)

Tanbo (Short Stick)

Kama (Hand Sickle)


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