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Live Streaming Private  Instruction
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Ronin Virtual Dojo

Live Streaming Private and Group Instruction

Welcome to the Ronin Virtual Dojo Site. The site is created for web based martial arts interactive instruction and training with in the  privacy and convenience of your own home.

If you prefer the privacy of personal instruction then Ronin Virtual Dojo is for you.  "Ronin" is a Japanese term for "Masterless Warrior". Now you don't have to be dependent on a fixed schedule or lack having the ability to be with a Sensei due to a time table. 

You can study and practice from home with all the convenience of an individualized,  Virtual Instruction, one on one interface for private or group lessons with access to the internet. Learn from focused and detailed instruction that isn't possible in large impersonal "Martial Arts Studios".

Real Time Video Interface for private or group lessons are available through booking a lesson with Kyoshi Gregory Poitras.   Kyoshi will guide you to self confidence, martial fitness, practical, expedient and efficient self defense techniques that will enhance your personal well being and self esteem.

For booking lessons and times, preview the "Home Study Programs" tab and select the Martial Art you prefer and subscribe. Then when you are  ready for your lesson select the "Virtual Lessons Booking Tab" and reserve your time or please contact me at or call (360) 303-5994.

Thank you

Kyoshi Gregory Poitras

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