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Matsusoden Kobukan 
Bujutsu Renmei

On-Line Martial Arts Instruction







Welcome to the Matsusoden Kobukan On-line Dojo Site. The site is created for web based martial arts interactive instruction and training with in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Ever want to learn  how to defend yourself or family from physical violence?  Don't have time to go to a brick and mortar location to train? On temporary duty, deployment or detachment and don't want to miss out on your training? Or just wanted to learn the martial arts but didn't have time, value your privacy or don't have access to a school in your location?

Matsusoden Kobukan provides instruction in Koryu "Old School" Okinawan Martial Arts styles of Matsumura Seito and Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu as well as Ryukyu Hakutsuru (White Crane) Karate. 

Weapons instruction is also provided in Yamanni Ryu, Matsumura (Kochinda Ryu) and Uhugusuku Kobudo styles of Okinawan traditional arts. 

You can study and practice from home with all the convenience, necessary resources, lesson plans, Virtual Instruction, one on one interface with private lessons with access to the internet.

Feel free to browse the website and if you desire more information, Please contact me at or call (360) 303-5994.

Thank you

Gregory Poitras

Renmeicho, Honbucho, 8th Dan, Kyoshi


Contact Me

Get in touch today to schedule a session with Matsusoden Kobukan.

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